United Gem Ltd. – Chicago Jeweler

Diamonds.  Even after millennia of appreciation and centuries of study, these gems remain one of the most mysterious and captivating materials in existence.  This storied and celebrated product demands industry leaders steeped in tradition and reputation. At United Gem Ltd., we pride ourselves on these attributes.  Since opening our first establishment in Chicago in the 1930’s, the Goynshor name has been synonymous with integrity.

Richard Goynshor, United Gem’s proprietor, started working for his father’s business as a Chicago jeweler in the 1950’s. Now the heritage is being carried on by the third generation.  At United Gem, we have an unwavering commitment to honoring and building on the high standing in the wholesale diamond and jewelry business that we have built through the decades.

We attribute our long history and success in the diamond and jewelry industry to four primary factors that define our business philosophy: Quality, Service, Value and Tradition.


As diamond cutters and wholesalers, we are able to monitor precisely the quality of the gemstones that enter our inventory. These ideal-cut diamonds have been the most coveted and sought-after product category from our wholesale clients for decades.  

Primarily cut in Antwerp, Belgium, the historic diamond manufacturing center, we specialize in diamonds exhibiting ideal proportions that maximize the brilliance, light-play, and sparkle that these gemstones are uniquely capable of exhibiting.  

In addition to our ideal-cut diamonds, we specialize in high-end custom jewelry including engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets.  Our custom-designers build the jewelry pieces around each specific diamond and gemstone. This assures the custom jewelry is truly unique, exclusive and elegant—capable of intriguing the most selective and discerning clientele.


There’s a reason we’ve lasted three generations as a Chicago jeweler: our uncompromising commitment to doing right by our wholesale clients. We’re a family business, and our principle is “We treat you like family.”

We’ve built multi-generational partnerships not just due to the quality of our diamonds, but because we develop and nurture these relationships. The business is based on relationships, and as we continue to grow, maintaining these is our #1 priority.

Whether you’re a new partner, or you did business with our grandfather, we’ll treat you with the respect, the trust, and the honesty you deserve. Let’s honor the past by moving into the future, together.


We know it is a changing marketplace, and out clients have to contend with competitive internet diamond sites. We can help you succeed by offering what we always have: a curated selection of the best diamonds at the best value.

Our value comes from long-established practices combined with a flexible understanding of the modern market. Our strengths include:

  • Associations with sightholders in the world’s major diamond centers
  • Handpicked inventory
  • Expert, ground-level knowledge of the current selling trends of all our clientele

The end result is ideal-cut diamonds from .5-.10 carats, giving our clients the products they need to stand out in a changing market.


Tradition is part of everything we do.The Goynshor name has had an impeccable reputation in the international diamond community as a Chicago jeweler since the 1930’s. That’s because our tradition is to never stand still, but always make sure that we offer our clients the best diamonds and the best values in a changing world.

From our original establishment in Chicago, we’ve earned exposure across the globe and are recognized as long-standing leader in the wholesale diamonds and jewelry industry. We’re committed to honoring our tradition by helping our clients navigate new technology, new needs, and new economics.

Let’s keep building on our tradition–together.

Build it with us