Long-Term Memo Program

Our Long-Term Memo Program is a Commitment to Customer Service

The diamond market can be unpredictable. Tastes change, styles come and go, and discretionary income among consumers can fluctuate from month-to-month. That’s why you need a diamond wholesaler who can offer you predictability and peace of mind. That’s why you need our long-term memo program.

Our long-term memo program is a rarity in this business, allowing you to hold onto a supply of diamonds for longer than usual, ensuring that when customers come in, you have what they need. You won’t be scrambling around for additional diamond inventory. You’ll make your sale and be able to give your customer a fair and reasonable price.

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The Difference

Diamonds When You Need Them

Any retailer knows that if they don’t have the diamonds their customers need, they’ll go next door. We don’t want that to happen. We offer extensive consignment deals that allow you to have a full supply of diamonds when your customers walk in the door.

We are happy to offer:

  • Long-term diamond memos
  • Standard diamond memos
  • Diamond studs memos
  • Jewelry memos

Making your customers happy is our business. It’s our pledge to you.

At United Gem, our principles are never a short-term guarantee.

Loose Diamonds

Unset Diamonds Shine With Unlimited Possibility

When you need a loose diamond wholesaler, you need a few guarantees:

  • Quality of merchandise
  • Expansive selection
  • A staff to help you find what you need

We’re proud of our loose diamond selection. Our selections come with GIA, AGS, IGI, and EGL certifications, with non-certified as well, and guaranteed to please your customers. You know what your buyers want. We have what they need. Let’s work together to get them the diamonds they deserve.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Where science and art combine to create beauty

In a changing marketplace, it is important for buyers to offer a wide variety of diamonds to their buyers. We’re proud to have introduced a wide selection of lab-grown diamonds into our collection. These diamonds are:

  • More environmentally sustainable
  • 10-30% lower in price
  • New and exciting to a new generation of buyers
  • Just as beautiful and high-quality

Lab-grown diamonds give flexibility to your offering, ensuring that you have inventory for all diamond customers. The market may be changing, but we’re your steady supplier of whatever is demanded by your clients.

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