Designs by Dara

Stylish and Timeless Custom Jewelry Made On-Site

We do more than sell diamonds. We help transform diamonds into beautiful, timeless, custom pieces of jewelry. Designs by Dara puts our gems into their natural habitat: around your customers’ fingers.

Dara Goynshor, one of the third generation of Goynshors to run the family business, works with our clients to imagine, design, and create individual pieces of custom jewelry including rings, bracelets, and more. We understand the power of diamonds, and know how to make them- and our clients- look their best.

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Custom Jewelry

Grace, Imagination, and Craftsmanship

Dara’s custom jewelry is everything you want in a ring. We value, prize, and promote:

  • Collaborative
  • Unique
  • Sturdy
  • Long-lasting
  • Designed and made with love and respect

Dara has spent her life around diamonds. Now she’s helping turn your dreams into a lifelong piece of memorable custom jewelry.

Let’s dream together

Custom Jewelry for all your customers’ needs

Maybe you have a client with a very specific demand that your inventory can’t match. Maybe you want to please a unique customer with a unique piece of jewelry. Maybe your store is looking for a piece designed with creativity, imagination, and a deep respect for and knowledge of diamonds.

No matter your need, Designs by Dara has you covered. We work with our retail partners to create a piece of jewelry as memorable and unique as the hand it goes on.

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Professional Design Process

Our design process is as meticulous as it is creative. We leave nothing to chance, and make sure that every project is done to exacting standards and rigorous specifications.

Our process includes:

  • Consultation of design objectives
  • custom cad production
  • wax modeling
  • diamond, gemstone and precious metal sourcing
  • professional casting and polishing
  • timely delivery from order date

Engineering. Aesthetics. It all comes together for our clients.

Custom Jewelry

High-End Custom Finished Pieces

At the end of the day, we are all about our customers. That’s no different in our custom jewelry design business. Your gem-based piece will be exactly how you want it: beautiful, stylish, unique, creative, and wholly yours. Whether you display it in your showcase, or you have it made for a specific customer, the end result is the same.

It’s a piece people will ask about.

It’s a piece that people will glance at from across the room.

It’s a piece you’ll look at, breath slightly caught, and know that it was made just for you. It is a reflection of you. It’s your piece of custom jewelry.

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